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Seven Questions for Arturo Guerrero, Painter

By Kate Convissor 

"Arturo Guerrero’s life is the stuff of fairy tales–with a touch of luck and a lot of hard work. He was born in 1960 in the fabled city of Madrid and earned a degree in architecture. Then, he somehow took a left-hand turn and decided to become a painter...."  




tasting memories

     November 13, 2010

By Marta b. edmonds

   " About four times a year Scott and fellow potters from the Chelsea Ceramic Guild go to Roger Baumann's studio in Lake Peekskill to woodfire their pots. I love to tag along on these trips as it gives me a welcome chance to get away from the city to be outdoors absorbing nature, sharing with good people and helping the group get their wares ready for the fire. 


  Roger Baumann's Woodfire Kiln in Lake Peekskill

  On our latest trip to Roger's early this fall, potter Ana Larrea and her husband, painter Arturo Guerrero, treated us to a traditional outdoor paella. Ana and Arturo are native Spaniards and Arturo is an amazing cook. This was my first experience with outdoor paella and I asked Arturo if I could watch and learn. ..."



Arturo Guerrero's photographic memories. Una manera de mirar. A way of looking at the world.


Ana Larrea's pottery,

Blanca Guerrero's paintings,



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